Social Media



I’ve been working on Social Media since I got my degree. In fact, I began to work in a Marketing On-line agency before I finished.

I’m specialized in online communication because I think it’s like my “natural environment”.


What’s my experience?


  • I’ve managed communities for news media (TheObjective, TheLuxonomist, ZonaRetiro), literature websites ( , advertisement magazines (Ctrl Magazine), marketing on-line magazines and agencies (Interactiva Digital,, Fanquimia), music magazines (Duckout! Magazine), pop culture (, laws (Las Claves del Derecho), apps (Bini2bini, TinTon), e-commerces (Magic Mushroom Shop, FlowerBox) and science websites (
  • I’ve run contests on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I’ve created and managed newsletters for agencies and business.
  • I’ve managed blogs for my agencies, clients and personal projects: SEO, content creation, social sharing, comments moderation and linkbuilding.
  • I’ve run SEM campaigns with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.
  • I’ve analised metrics with Google Analytics.